Our Customer Concern Resolution Commitment

As a Member of the Motor Traders’ Association of NSW (MTA) we adhere to the MTA Code of Ethics relating to customer concerns and queries.

The following will apply to all consumer concerns put towards the business.

How to raise a customer concern:

  • All concerns must be bought to the attention of the Manager either verbally or in writing. At this stage, you must advise what your preferred resolution is.
  • All queries will receive a (written or verbal) response within seven (7) business days of raising the concern.
  • If required, customer must make the vehicle available, within reason, for us to carry out repairs and/or additional work as required.

Our responsibilities:

  1. To provide an accessible and free customer concern reporting system,
  2. Acknowledge concerns as soon as practicable,
  3. Assess and investigate the concern in a timely and impartial manner,
  4. Respond to the concern with a fair, reasonable and clear decision as soon as practicable,
  5. Provide (if necessary) information on the availability of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as statutory dispute resolution bodies,
  6. Consider if there are any systemic issues that need addressing, and
  7. Have a proper process for recording concerns and the resolution.

Please refer to our website for all contact details: Contact Us