Customer Testimonials

At Scotts Honda, we pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service to our customers and are continually looking for feedback on ways to improve their experience.

Below are some testimonials from satisfied customers of Scotts Honda:

Have a look at what some of our Customers have to say about Scotts Honda!

Sales Testimonials

"Very enjoyable purchasing experience."

"Scott was professional with a great approach to my requirements."

"It was a pleasure to deal with George Paras, an excellent salesperson"

"He was truly professional, informative and pleasant. He made the purchase a pleasurable experience as I had been in a car accident resulting my reason for looking for a new car replacement. My previous car had been a Subaru and because Mr O'Shea made no pressure, allowing me and my husband time to clarify which car we'd buy - he made the decision for a more luxurious car so much easier! Highly recommend him to anyone looking for a car."

"Sean (Sales Consultant) was excellent. A true asset to Honda providing all information and going out of his way to ensure it was a smooth purchase experience."

"The standout for me was the attentiveness, politeness, and friendliness of the receptionist."

"Michael Chuan provided excellent and outstanding service at all times"

"Your staff at Scott's Artarmon always provide excellent Customer service and offer genuine helpful assistance and information . It is the best service I receive from any organisation."

"Always a pleasure to visit Scotts Artarmon."

Service Testimonials

"I couldn't fault the service or the politeness of the staff at Scotts Honda... Terrific!"

"Always impressed with the high level of service offered at Scott's."

"It is reassuring that my car is always ready ahead of the pick up time promised. It is nice of Scotts to provide a courtesy bus service to customers. This is why I drive across town to Artarmon to have my car serviced. Wish (local dealers name removed) would do same."

"Service and support from Scotts have always been excellent and their overall service ethic reflects well on the brand."

"Customer service and work done to the car are both top notch."

"I send two cars for maintenance service today. My wife told me she found a 20 dollars note behind the gear box. We thought it must be the serviceman found this somewhere in the car. Although it is not much but we were moved by such a good deed. I would like to take this opportunities to say thanks to you and the term you lead. I also would recommend Scotts Honda to all of my friends and customers in the future."

"I have been extremely happy with the outstanding service provided by the staff from date of purchase, the recent service. I am very impressed with your organisation and have mentioned this fact to several of my colleagues. Please keep up the good work which I am sure will in turn provide you with the increase in business which you deserve. Many thanks."

"Overall the experience was quite good. They were quite flexible with the time I can pick up my car. The only thing is I think whoever that I was dealing with got a bit tied up at the end so I got a confirmation about the alternative pick up arrangement quite late (and I had to call back a few times to chase up). All in all it was good. I was quite happy with the explanation given to me."